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  • Internet of Things module
    IoT Module
    Provide IoT hardware access, cloud platform, application-side overall solution, enterprise IoT platform system construction, product intelligent upgrade and access, device sensor data collection and display, web, APP, WeChat customized service, IoT hardware development.
  • Internet of Things Cloud Service
    Internet of Things Cloud Service
    The company will continue to optimize its core technologies in intelligent control, data security, machine vision, data analysis and visualization, and deep learning. Provide a better overall solution for the Internet of Things.
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Cloud platform advantage

  • Short Development Time of Device Access1~30 days to complete IoT Access

  • cross platformSupport Mobile Phone, PC, Tablet Access

  • High opennessSupport for technical languages such as C/PHP/Python

  • High securitySupport local server data and data recovery

Application Scenario

Enjoy the comfort of smart life with your own custom-built, whole house smart home device
  • Smart socketPlug and play, intelligent linkage, time switch, overload protection, remote control
    Adaptable to water heaters, humidifiers, table lamps, rice cookers, water dispensers, air conditioners, etc

  • Intelligent lighting. Light management allows fine adjustment of color and brightness.One-click start scenario to link different lighting atmospheres, let light and shadow follow your life rhythm

  • Smart lifeAccording to the preset comfortable temperature and humidity range, the sensor monitors the real-time environmental conditions of the home to determine whether it is necessary to automatically turn on the central air conditioner, floor heating, humidifier, etc.

  • Smart AppliancesReplacing all infrared remote controls in the home to control all smart home devices in the linked home through more convenient and convenient voice interaction or APP control

  • Smart ShadeNo need to change lines, direct installation, quiet, timing function, remote control, fault alarm, intelligent linkage

  • Voice ControlControl your home's smart devices by voice, such as turning lights on, turning off lights, switching curtains, switching air conditioners, switching humidifiers, air purifiers, etc., so that the sound is everything!

  • Intelligent inductionMonitor various indicators in the environment, then judge according to the user's living habits, automatically execute the corresponding home appliances, and give you more scientific and reasonable care

  • remote controlWhen you are not at home, turn on or off the lights, air conditioners, and curtains remotely, and take care of the elderly and children at home. You can also turn off the appliances remotely when you forget to turn off the appliances.

  • Intelligent securityWhether you are at work, on business or on vacation,The all-round intelligent security system can fully utilize the real-time and initiative of monitoring, and take emergency measures through linkage

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